F. A. Q. – The Questions!

All the questions that often gets asked…

 This FAQ is about Frequently Asked Questions that I get from time to time. This page is made to answer some of your initial questions about my work.

Where do you live?
I reside on the west coast of Sweden. Check the nearest Google Earth site atlas for SWEDEN if it sounds somewhat unfamiliar. Not Switzerland. That is elsewhere in southern Europe.

Are you single?
No. Married.

Have you attended any art schools?
No, not really. Selftaught. Just a few random classes here and there. I did however go to Advertising and Design college but it didn’t give me much else but how to use computers. Not the best course but it was OK. I also attended a 6 month Art and Form college and also a 10 month art college level class at Angereds Ateljén in Gothenburgh.

How do you make a picture?
It’s either my own idea or via a comission. I sketch it up on plain sketching paper. Recheck everything with the client.  When the sketch is given the green light I cover the back of it in graphite and transfer it to a better paper. Then inking, colour, re-inking and done. I also paint with Acrylics on canvas and that is a much faster and funnier process as I often mix abstract with figures and creatures.

What papers do you use?
It depends on the picture. Mostly it is a suitable 140 – 350 grams paper. If I work with waterclours I use a medium to smooth surface. For dry techniques I use 150 – 220 gram smooth papers. Often I find it very interesting to have offwhite or tinted papers to get that special effect. Really whitebleached papers are at times tricky to use with but it works. Try to use the unexpected!

What is your favorite medium?
Mostly traditional materials – watercolours and coloured pencils are my favorites altho I am working with Acrylics a lot more these days. I am also using markers now and then. Any extra tips on art? No compromising on papers or inks or colours. Always sketch out what you have in mind. Ask for help and second opinions. Don’t get broken by honest and in-your-face critique. A good indepth help is absolutely priceless and can often see errors you can’t. 2nd opinions can help you a lot! Lately I have also started to use Acrylic on Canvas but I am yet a mere beginner at that.

Can I borrow your wicked art for my homepage/signature/schoolproject etc?
No, unless I give you a handwritten signed and dated letter that you are allowed to use a certain number of items.

So your art can be used for free on personal, non-profit sites, providing I give you proper VERY visible credit and do not alter or such? What exactly do you mean by that?
To me, this means any page that is not selling, advertising or promoting anything for commercially monetary gain or high revenue profit. My user fee for commercial or for-profit site use is very reasonable. If you are in doubt, e-mail me and I’ll look at your page and decide from there on.

Web site designers may use my art in some circumstances such as NONprofit websites or fan-sites. But do NOT use it lightly – you MUST email me and ask. I want to know where it is, please. If you think you can sneak by using one of my pictures on a profit site, you might want to think twice. There are people out there who recognizes my art and any derivations/copies/linearts and let me know instantly. Trust me, I’ll eventually find out. When I do, you will then receive a not-so-friendly e-mail from me telling you to remove my art/copies/stolen items immediately.

Have you got any merchandise I can buy?
Yes, I have a few webshops set up. Please go to the SHOPPING page for more information. Thank you!

How do I contact you?
By writing a polite, nice email. I treat emails as real letters, with a greeting, intro, subject, and goodbye phrase. Short, uninteresting impolite emails isn’t particularly inviting. L33tspeak, SMS/TEXT lingo or chat room lingo is banned here. Think of something as nice as Netiquette. Proper language, writing and information is something I value most in letters.

Can you draw my character for free?
No. I can’t afford to put in freebies from random people unless I get paid for it. Please look up the Comissions page to the right here.

But if I ask nicely, PLEASE?!! Cuz u r so cool n stuff.
See all above scribbles one more time. Prettyplease with sugar and frosting won’t help.