About Me

Be Creative by AK Uhlen

My name is Anna-Karin Uhlén, Aquarius, Born in the year of the Tiger and have comfortably passed into the 40-something realm.  I reside in the beautiful and quaint little village of Fritsla on the west coast of Sweden. Here I share life and home with my husband and our beloved pet-companions. It seems to be a area just filled with creativity and interesting people. From textiles to woodcarvings, we have all kinds of creative people.

My CV can be found in the link, in case you want to see what i have done outside of the artistic realms – currently only in Swedish, Enghlish version soon to follow. CV HERE.

The enchanting world of artistic interpretations of things we see, and cannot see, has been my companion for a very long time. Trying to capture what we only see in the corner of our eye, and in the deepest corners of our imagination, is an endless journey that I have a one-way ticket to.

I was accepted into a 2 year program in High School in 1991, mainly focused on art and commercial design basics. It gave me a lot of creative ideas on how to use my artistic talent for decorative and design purposes. From there, I went on to work as an assistant art teacher for a year, which presented me with many opportunities.

Speaking of opportunities, quite a few opportunities have came my way now and then. The first, being at the local newspaper as an apprentice for 6 months. I spearheaded a project to illustrate their Christmas special one year. Second Royal Doulton, during my 6 months there, I apprenticed into the figure painting department, presented at tradeshows, and was involved with web design. I have also had involvement in the following:

* Various art pieces published in international publications.
* Head Illustrator for several fanfictional books.
* Ongoing contribution to fanzines (mostly Centaur and Anthromorphic scene
* Selling and creating art for private clients ongoing via the internet
I attended an 18 months Class in arts and painting at Angereds Ateljen – under supervision of the University of Arts and Crafts (Högskolan för konsthantverk och Design) .

I’m a basicly self-taught artist and I have only attended a few short periodic art schools. I have learnt about drawing and various media mostly on my own with the constant trial and error as a result. I’d like to try my hands on some larger projects some day, but it’ll have to wait as I am busy with my life and family at the moment. I have a profound love for horses, felines, cavies, fanatsy beasts plus various crafts, a variety of fictional worlds and universes.

If and when I can, I like to travel as well. I always like seeing new places and new faces from around the globe. One of my favourite spots is London, but I am no stranger to places such as San Fransisco and Portland, both in the USA. The west coast of the USA is such a hotspot for artistic ideas. Love it!

I’m an honest, open person who lives life the best way I can with the opportunities I have been given. That is who I am. No one can dictate my life or my rules, even if there have been people who tries. I am a firm believer in individual potential and to suppress, neglect or dismiss a person based on various criteria of discrimination is something I do not accept. Put it simply –  treat someone like dirt and you’ll see Karma hit the fan.

If you contact me, please always be VERY specific in your subject for the mail or it might accidentally get stuck in our firewall or mail spam filters which is checked each day but might get delayed due to misinterpretation by the server.

Email me on – office@twospotz.com – mark, copy and paste you’ll be able to contact me via email! The link is NOT active.